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static pointer in ghci

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Component: Documentation Version: 8.1
Keywords: StaticPointers Cc: facundo.dominguez
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$ ghci -fobject-code -ignore-dot-ghci -XStaticPointers
GHCi, version 8.1.20160428:  :? for help
Prelude> a = static id
Prelude> a

<interactive>:2:1: error: Variable not in scope: a

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Iceland_jack


Prelude> let a = static id

During interactive linking, GHCi couldn't find the following symbol:
This may be due to you not asking GHCi to load extra object files,
archives or DLLs needed by your current session.  Restart GHCi, specifying
the missing library using the -L/path/to/object/dir and -lmissinglibname
flags, or simply by naming the relevant files on the GHCi command line.
Alternatively, this link failure might indicate a bug in GHCi.
If you suspect the latter, please send a bug report to:

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by thomie

Cc: facundo.dominguez added
Component: CompilerDocumentation
Keywords: StaticPointers added
Type: bugfeature request

From ticket:9878#comment:2:

The current StaticPointers implementation is not intended to be supported in GHCi.

@facundo.dominguez (off-topic): StaticPointers is not listed in the flag reference of the User's Guide. You'd have to edit utils/mkUserGuidePart/Options/Language.hs to change that.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by facundo.dominguez

I'm testing the master branch of GHC.

I can reproduce this without using the static form.

Prelude> c = 'a'
Prelude> c

<interactive>:9:1: error: Variable not in scope: c

The crash reported later, I can't see.

> let a = static id
Prelude> a

<interactive>:6:1: error:
    • No instance for (Data.Typeable.Internal.Typeable a0)
        arising from a use of ‘it’
    • In a stmt of an interactive GHCi command: print it

That said, the static pointers produced in GHCi can only be found later if they are created in compiled (and later loaded) modules. Entering a static form at the prompt won't make it.

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by thomie

I opened #12091 for the "Variable not in scope" issue, since it is not -XStaticPointers related.

Is there anything left to do here?

comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by facundo.dominguez

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

Probably not. If the crash persisted after upgrading GHC, it would deserve another ticket.

comment:6 Changed 3 years ago by bgamari

That being said, I would really like for GHCi to properly support StaticPointers since I use this extension rather often in my recent day-to-day work. I've opened #12356 to track this.

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