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#12024 closed feature request (fixed)

GHC leaks GHC.Prim.~# into type

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Priority: normal Milestone: 8.2.1
Component: Compiler (Type checker) Version: 7.10.3
Keywords: PatternSynonyms Cc: mpickering
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Type of failure: None/Unknown Test Case: T12024
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data A a where
  X :: A [xxx]

pattern X' = X

the inferred type of which is

>>> :info X'
pattern X' :: () => t GHC.Prim.~# [xxx] => A t

Casts use unlifted equality as I understand it, but lifted would present a nicer UI:

pattern X' :: () => t ~> [xxx] => A t
pattern X' = X

In my own code this means I get the following monster

pattern MkArr :: () => (GetTy a, GetTy b, GetTy t,
                        a GHC.Prim.~# 'Sca ('Number 'I32), b GHC.Prim.~# 'Sca a1,
                        t GHC.Prim.~# 'Arr a1, GetSca a1) => Exp a -> Id -> Exp b -> Exp t

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:info uses IfaceType.pprIfaceType which is currently less clever than TyCoRep.pprType (look for Opt_PrintEqualityRelations in the latter).

This will be fixed by #11660.

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Test Case: T12024

This has been fixed with #11660. Testcase in Phab:D2702.

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In 926469f/ghc:

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