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:kind command allows unsaturated type family,

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data A = B

type family
  F a where
  F B = String

infixr 9 `Compose`
class    (f (g x)) => (f `Compose` g) x
instance (f (g x)) => (f `Compose` g) x

GHCi accepts

ghci> :kind Compose Eq F
Compose Eq F :: A -> Constraint

but when used in code it gets rejected

-- tvI6.hs:13:8-33: error: …
--     • The type family ‘F’ should have 1 argument, but has been given none
--     • In the type signature:
--         foo :: (Eq `Compose` F) a => String
-- Compilation failed.
foo :: (Eq`Compose`F) a => String
foo = undefined 

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Although this is the older ticket, I'll opt to close this in favor of #13962, since I find #13962 to be a cleaner example.

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