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Support bit-fields

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Component: hsc2hs Version: 8.0.1
Keywords: bit-fields Cc: mboes, qnikst
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Having C type like:

typedef struct S {
  int f0: 1;
  int f1: 15;
} S;

and hsc code like

#{peek S, f0} p

Causes hsc2hs to fail with

error: attempt to take address of bit-field structure member 'f0'

Apparently this is an error from gcc, which cannot provide the address of bit-fields. However, in Haskell we are not interested in the address of the bit-field but in its value.

It would be useful to have a way to get and set the values of these fields.

Some former discussion here

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comment:1 Changed 8 months ago by andrewthad

This just bit me as well. On linux, iphdr has a bit field, and I'm struggling to find a good way to peek and poke at these.

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