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Opportunity to improve case-of-case

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Consider this code

f g x = (case g x of True  -> not
                     False -> id) `seq` True

With GHC 8 (and -O) we get this Core

f =
  \ (@ t_a1rk) (g_aqD :: t -> Bool) (x_aqE :: t) ->
    case case g_aqD x_aqE of {
           False -> id @ Bool;
           True -> not
    { __DEFAULT ->

This is obviously bad.

The reasoning is in the long, complicated Note [Single-alternative cases] in Simplify.hs.

Happily with join points the entire Note becomes unnecessary; we can delete the special case that this Note describes, and the Note itself. Result: simpler compiler, and more optimal code.

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comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by nickkuk

It seems to be fixed, namely, GHC-8.2.1 with "-ddump-simpl -O" gives

f = \ (@ t_a1TX) (g_ap0 :: t_a1TX -> Bool) (x_ap1 :: t_a1TX) ->
      case g_ap0 x_ap1 of { __DEFAULT -> GHC.Types.True }

I will try to add test.

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