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Investigate a foldr rule for short static lists

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GHC.Base says:

-- The foldr/cons rule looks nice, but it can give disastrously
-- bloated code when commpiling
--      array (a,b) [(1,2), (2,2), (3,2), ...very long list... ]
-- i.e. when there are very very long literal lists
-- So I've disabled it for now. We could have special cases
-- for short lists, I suppose.
-- "foldr/cons" forall k z x xs. foldr k z (x:xs) = k x (foldr k z xs)

"foldr/single"  forall k z x. foldr k z [x] = k x z
"foldr/nil"     forall k z.   foldr k z []  = z

I wonder if we should extend the list of rules at the bottom to a few more list lengths, as the comment suggests.

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