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Poor compiler performance with type families

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Component: Compiler Version: 8.0.2
Keywords: TypeFamilies Cc: RyanGlScott, alanz
Operating System: Unknown/Multiple Architecture: Unknown/Multiple
Type of failure: Compile-time performance bug Test Case:
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{-# LANGUAGE DataKinds, TypeApplications, TypeFamilies, TypeOperators, UndecidableInstances #-}
{-# OPTIONS_GHC -freduction-depth=0 #-}

module TypeFamilyPerf where

import GHC.TypeLits

type DivisibleBy x y = Help x y 0 (CmpNat x 0)

type family Help x y z b where
  Help x y z EQ = True
  Help x y z LT = False
  Help x y z GT = Help x y (z+y) (CmpNat x z)

foo :: DivisibleBy y 3 ~ True => proxy y -> ()
foo _ = ()

type N = 1002

k = foo @N undefined

On my machine ghc-8.0.2 -O0 takes 4-5s to compile this module, with the time increasing as N increases (but note that it must be a multiple of 3, otherwise typechecking fails quickly). The problem seems to be that desugaring creates an enormous number of coercions in the representation of k.

Perhaps this isn't terribly surprising, but I think we can do better. It should be possible to represent a proof of DivisibleBy 1002 3 ~ True compactly: the only information required should be the LHS and the number of reduction steps to take (and perhaps caching the RHS might be worthwhile).

[1 of 1] Compiling TypeFamilyPerf   ( TypeFamilyPerf.hs, TypeFamilyPerf.o )
*** Parser [TypeFamilyPerf]:
!!! Parser [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 0.50 milliseconds, allocated 0.655 megabytes
*** Renamer/typechecker [TypeFamilyPerf]:
!!! Renamer/typechecker [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 91.70 milliseconds, allocated 58.617 megabytes
*** Desugar [TypeFamilyPerf]:
Result size of Desugar (after optimization)
  = {terms: 44, types: 70, coercions: 6,058}
!!! Desugar [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 3781.83 milliseconds, allocated 8775.375 megabytes
*** Simplifier [TypeFamilyPerf]:
Result size of Simplifier iteration=1
  = {terms: 27, types: 62, coercions: 6,060}
Result size of Simplifier
  = {terms: 27, types: 62, coercions: 6,053}
!!! Simplifier [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 42.93 milliseconds, allocated 68.321 megabytes
*** CoreTidy [TypeFamilyPerf]:
Result size of Tidy Core = {terms: 27, types: 62, coercions: 6,053}
!!! CoreTidy [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 0.52 milliseconds, allocated 0.766 megabytes
Created temporary directory: /tmp/ghc5526_0
*** CorePrep [TypeFamilyPerf]:
Result size of CorePrep = {terms: 32, types: 74, coercions: 6,053}
!!! CorePrep [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 0.37 milliseconds, allocated 0.160 megabytes
*** Stg2Stg:
*** CodeGen [TypeFamilyPerf]:
!!! CodeGen [TypeFamilyPerf]: finished in 0.00 milliseconds, allocated 1.310 megabytes

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Yes; see #8095.

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