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INLINE CONLIKE sometimes fails to inline

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Priority: normal Milestone: 8.6.1
Component: Compiler Version: 8.1
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I got surprisingly poor results from the cheapBuild experiment (see #7206), so I decided to try a simple example.

foo :: Int -> Int
foo n = s + p
    nums = [1..n]
    s = sum nums
    p = product nums

The idea is that we want nums to inline into s and p; the lost sharing is unimportant. Unfortunately, this didn't fuse. I got

-- RHS size: {terms: 44, types: 31, coercions: 0, joins: 2/3}
$wfoo :: Int# -> Int#
  = \ (ww_s2HT :: Int#) ->
      let {
        nums_s2Gq :: [Int]
        nums_s2Gq = eftInt 1# ww_s2HT } in
      joinrec {
        $wgo_s2HP :: [Int] -> Int# -> Int#
        $wgo_s2HP (w_s2HJ :: [Int]) (ww1_s2HN :: Int#)
          = case w_s2HJ of {
              [] ->
                joinrec {
                  $wgo1_s2HI :: [Int] -> Int# -> Int#
                  $wgo1_s2HI (w1_s2HC :: [Int]) (ww2_s2HG :: Int#)
                    = case w1_s2HC of {
                        [] -> +# ww1_s2HN ww2_s2HG;
                        : y_a2F9 ys_a2Fa ->
                          case y_a2F9 of { I# y1_a2Gf ->
                          jump $wgo1_s2HI ys_a2Fa (*# ww2_s2HG y1_a2Gf)
                      }; } in
                jump $wgo1_s2HI nums_s2Gq 1#;
              : y_a2F9 ys_a2Fa ->
                case y_a2F9 of { I# y1_a2EX ->
                jump $wgo_s2HP ys_a2Fa (+# ww1_s2HN y1_a2EX)
            }; } in
      jump $wgo_s2HP nums_s2Gq 0#

-- RHS size: {terms: 10, types: 4, coercions: 0, joins: 0/0}
foo :: Int -> Int
  = \ (w_s2HQ :: Int) ->
      case w_s2HQ of { I# ww1_s2HT ->
      case $wfoo ww1_s2HT of ww2_s2HX { __DEFAULT -> I# ww2_s2HX }

I verified that cheapBuild actually appeared (in -dverbose-core2core), but it didn't fuse, and ultimately inlined.

Interestingly, forcing the argument manually fixed the problem:

foo :: Int -> Int
foo !n = s + p
    nums = [1..n]
    s = sum nums
    p = product nums


$wfoo :: Int# -> Int#
  = \ (ww_s2Ia :: Int#) ->
      case tagToEnum# (># 1# ww_s2Ia) of {
        False ->
          joinrec {
            $wgo_s2I6 :: Int# -> Int# -> Int#
            $wgo_s2I6 (w_s2I0 :: Int#) (ww1_s2I4 :: Int#)
              = case tagToEnum# (==# w_s2I0 ww_s2Ia) of {
                  False -> jump $wgo_s2I6 (+# w_s2I0 1#) (+# ww1_s2I4 w_s2I0);
                  True ->
                    let {
                      x_X2Fz :: Int#
                      x_X2Fz = +# ww1_s2I4 w_s2I0 } in
                    joinrec {
                      $wgo1_s2HY :: Int# -> Int# -> Int#
                      $wgo1_s2HY (w1_s2HS :: Int#) (ww2_s2HW :: Int#)
                        = case tagToEnum# (==# w1_s2HS ww_s2Ia) of {
                            False -> jump $wgo1_s2HY (+# w1_s2HS 1#) (*# ww2_s2HW w1_s2HS);
                            True -> +# x_X2Fz (*# ww2_s2HW w1_s2HS)
                          }; } in
                    jump $wgo1_s2HY 1# 1#
                }; } in
          jump $wgo_s2I6 1# 0#;
        True -> 1#

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by simonpj

Can you describe how I can reproduce this?



comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by dfeuer

Reproduction instructions:

Clone the wip/cheapBuild branch. Compile the following file:

module Ischeap where

import Data.List

foo :: Int -> Int
foo n = s + p
    nums = [1..n]
    s = sum nums
    p = product nums

using ghc-stage2 with -O2 -ddump-simpl.

comment:3 Changed 2 years ago by bgamari

I've quickly looked at this and it seems that one crucial difference is that when n is banged the first phase simplifier considers it to be a ValueArg as it has a conlike unfolding, whereas without it is merely TrivialArg.

At first simplification proceeds similarly in both cases,

  • $fEnumInt_$cenumFromTo
  • sum is inlined (the unfolding of which contains a foldl). It is interesting to note that the list argument is considered to be a ValueArg with the bang, but a TrivialArg without.
  • foldl is inlined
  • $fNumInt_$cfromInteger is inlined

This is where the two programs diverge. While the fold/cheapBuild rule fires in the banged case, it fails to fire on the unbanged program. After that point, things obviously proceed much differently. While cheapBuild itself is eventually inlined in the unbanged version, it the fusion rule never fires.

This is rather curious since,

  • the desugared core is identical between the banged and unbanged case
  • the performed inlinings are identical

comment:4 Changed 2 years ago by simonpj

Here's the reason. We get

let xs = case n of I# n1 -> cheapBuild blah
in ...(foldr k z xs)...(foldr k2 z2 xs)...

So the cheapBuild is hidden behind that case n and the foldr/cheapBuild rule does not fire.

The problem comes from

instance Enum Int where
    enumFromTo (I# x) (I# y) = eftInt x y

So [1..n] desugars into (case n of I# n' -> eftInt 1# n'). This doesn't hurt normal foldr/build because if we see

   foldr k z (case n of I# n' -> build blah)

we know that foldr is strict and so float the case outwards. This doesn't happen with the cheapBuild stuff since the producer and consumer are further apart.

But the solution is, I think, easy: move the evaluation of n into eftInt. So we have

instance Enum Int where
    enumFromTo x y = eftInt x y

Now eftInt takes boxed Ints but it can evaluate them just fine.

I've pushed a patch to wip/cheap-build, and it works just fine.


  • It needs a serious note (steal the text above)
  • Other uses of cheapBuild need similar treatment.

So the commit needs work.

comment:5 Changed 20 months ago by bgamari


This ticket won't be resolved in 8.4; remilestoning for 8.6. Do holler if you are affected by this or would otherwise like to work on it.

comment:6 Changed 19 months ago by osa1

I think this ticket can be closed. This ticket was about an improvement to the idea described in #7206, and comment:4 fixes this. I've rebased the cheap-build branch (not pushed to GHC's git repo as force pushes are not allowed, see it here:, applied idea in comment:4, and verified that it works on Int, Word and Char enumerations.

comment:7 Changed 19 months ago by bgamari

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Lovely. Thanks Omer!

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