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CSE runs before SpecConstr

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SpecConstr can lead to more CSE opportunities. Currently CSE is run only once after the full laziness transformation but then not again later in the pipeline. Running it again after the final clean-up simplification might lead to smaller programs.

One example with -fspec-constr-keen.

module Foo where

main :: [Int]
main = drop 1 [1,2]

mainMODULE :: [Int]
mainMODULE = mydrop 1 [1,2]

mydrop :: Int -> [a] -> [a]
mydrop 0 xs = xs
mydrop n (x:xs) = mydrop (n-1) xs

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Keywords: CSE added; cse removed

Good plan. Would you like to try it out? (Certainly with -O2.) CSE is pretty cheap.

It'd need a before-and-after nofib run to confirm any effects.



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