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When PolyKinds is on, suggested type signatures seem to require TypeInType

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Component: Compiler Version: 8.2.1
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We compile the following with -Wall

{-# LANGUAGE PolyKinds #-}

import Data.Bits
import Data.Word

data Hash128 a = Hash128 { hashWord128_0 :: !Word64, hashWord128_1 :: !Word64 }
    deriving (Show, Read, Eq)

-- These instances copied from 'FixedPoint-simple':
instance FiniteBits (Hash128 a) where
      finiteBitSize ~(Hash128 a b) = finiteBitSize a + finiteBitSize b

instance Bits (Hash128 a) where
      popCount (Hash128 h l) = popCount h + popCount l
      bit i | i >= 64    = Hash128 (bit $ i - 64) 0
            | otherwise = Hash128 0 (bit i)
      complement = pointwise complement
      (.&.) = pointwise2 (.&.)
      (.|.) = pointwise2 (.|.)
      xor = pointwise2 xor
      setBit (Hash128 h l) i
              | i >= 64   = Hash128 (setBit h (i - 64)) l
              | otherwise = Hash128 h (setBit l i)
      shiftL (Hash128 h l) i
              | i > finiteBitSize l = shiftL (Hash128 l 0) (i - finiteBitSize l)
              | otherwise     = Hash128 ((h `shiftL` i) .|. (l `shiftR` (finiteBitSize l - i))) (l `shiftL` i)
      shiftR (Hash128 h l) i 
              | i > finiteBitSize h = shiftR (Hash128 0 h) (i - finiteBitSize h)
              | otherwise     = Hash128 (h `shiftR` i) ((l `shiftR` i) .|. h `shiftL` (finiteBitSize h - i))
      isSigned _ = False
      testBit (Hash128 h l) i
              | i >= finiteBitSize l = testBit h (i - finiteBitSize l)
              | otherwise      = testBit l i
      rotateL w i = shiftL w i .|. shiftR w (128 - i)
      rotateR w i = shiftR w i .|. shiftL w (128 - i)
      bitSize _ = 128
      bitSizeMaybe _ = Just 128

pointwise op (Hash128 a b) = Hash128 (op a) (op b)

pointwise2 op (Hash128 a b) (Hash128 c d) = Hash128 (op a c) (op b d)

get a warning like:

    Top-level binding with no type signature:
      pointwise2 :: forall k1 k2 k3 (a1 :: k2) (a2 :: k1) (a3 :: k3).
                    (Word64 -> Word64 -> Word64)
                    -> Hash128 a1 -> Hash128 a2 -> Hash128 a3

but that's not a valid signature. Pasting it in causes GHC to suggest RankNTypes with an error, and then to suggest TypeInType, at which point it compiles.

I want to just be able to paste in the signature from the warning.

Related to #6065

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comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by goldfire

It's not clear to me the best way to fix this. It's tempting to suppress kind quantification with -XNoTypeInType and to suppress forall with -XNoExplicitForAll. But simply suppressing all these might sometimes give us the wrong type. For example, suppose we want forall (b :: Bool). Proxy b. Just saying Proxy b is plain wrong.... and it seems hard to know, a priori, when it would be wrong.

Easier would be to print out the type as-is, but then look at it to determine whether the user might need extra extensions and suggest those, too.... but that's not as good a user experience.

comment:3 Changed 19 months ago by RyanGlScott

Resolution: wontfix
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We no longer distinguish between TypeInType and PolyKinds, so I'm closing this ticket.

See ​ and #15195 for more details.

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