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Quadratic constructor tag allocation

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With a large data type like:

data A = A0
  | A0001
  | A0002
  | A9999

GHC spends a lot of time allocating constructor tags. It accounts for half of allocations for large data types like this.

The hot piece of code is in mkDataCon:

   tag = assoc "mkDataCon" (tyConDataCons rep_tycon `zip` [fIRST_TAG..]) con

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comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by Bartosz Nitka <niteria@…>

In dbdf77d/ghc:

Lift constructor tag allocation out of a loop

Before this change, for each constructor that we want
to allocate a tag for we would traverse a list of all
the constructors in a datatype to determine which tag
a constructor should get.

This is obviously quadratic and for datatypes with 10k
constructors it actually makes a big difference.

This change implements the plan outlined by @simonpj in
which is basically about using a map and constructing it outside the

One place where things got a bit awkward was TysWiredIn.hs,
it would have been possible to just assign the tags by hand, but
that seemed error-prone to me, so I decided to go through a map
there as well.

Test Plan:
On a file with 10k constructors
   8,130,522,344 bytes allocated in the heap
  Total   time    3.682s  (  3.920s elapsed)
   4,133,478,744 bytes allocated in the heap
  Total   time    2.509s  (  2.750s elapsed)

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