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Redundant computation in fingerprintDynFlags when compiling many modules

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Description (last modified by niteria)

I profiled a build of a production code base with thousands of modules and computing fingerprintDynFlags is 7% of time and 14% of allocations.

Here's a synthetic test case inspired by what I observed:


for i in $(seq -w 1 $SIZE); do                      
  echo "module A$i where" > A$i.hs                  
  echo "data A$i = A$i" >> A$i.hs                   

This generates a 1000 modules each with one datatype. Compiling them with:

inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 A*.hs -optP-D__F{1..10000}__

results in fingerprintDynFlags being the top cost centre in the profile. AFAICT there's only one module dependent piece that goes into computing fingerprintDynFlags and the rest is the same between those 1000 modules.

Now, why would I have so many preprocessor flags? This is how the Buck build system currently works. If a Haskell library depends on a C++ library then the GHC invocation gets the C++ library's directory as include path (-optP -I -optP some/library/path). This can grow quite big.

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In b8f03bbe/ghc:

Cache the fingerprint of sOpt_P

Before this change we would compute a hash of
all the command line -optP flags once per file.
With a lot of files and many -optP flags, that's a lot
of repeated work.

I added a new Note that explains the approach and rationale.

Test Plan: new test

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