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Reading source files in text mode so that we get CRLF conversion under Windows?

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According to the string passed to a quasi quoter contains CRLF line endings. I have observed the same things for Haddock comments (both in haddock and doctest when extracted through the GHC API).

I haven't looked at any GHC code, but wouldn't the right thing be to read source files in text mode so that we get newline conversion? If we don't want / can't do that for some reason, then wouldn't we still want to handle this somewhere deep down the stack so that not every client has to deal with it separately?

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comment:1 Changed 20 months ago by bgamari

GHC uses its StringBuffer abstraction, which is essentially just a bytestring, to read source files. hGetStringBuffer opens the file in binary mode, leaving UTF-8 decoding to nextChar and friends. In principle we could probably do newline conversion there.

That being said, I'm a bit weary of changing this in fear of breaking someone relying on the current behavior.

comment:2 Changed 19 months ago by SimonHengel

Should we consider to fix this for QuasiQuote only at first? I think passing CRLF to quasi quoters hardly makes sense and can be the source of windows specific bugs. But of course it's still a breaking change.

comment:3 Changed 19 months ago by SimonHengel

I haven't tried, but just from looking at the code for quoteFile I think that the current behavior is also inconsistent. quoteFile uses readFile and hence when we use a QuasiQuoter with quoteFile we will get newline conversions, while when we use the QuasiQuoter without quoteFile we do not get newline conversions.

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