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GHCi check .ghci permission on WSL(Linux on Windows)

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Priority: normal Milestone: 8.4.4
Component: GHCi Version: 8.2.2
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GHCi permission checking for .ghci conflicts with WSL(Linux on Windows) filesystem management. You can reproduce this problem from 8.2.2.~8.4.3 of GHC-WSL(

I think GHCi of WSL would skip .ghci permission check.

I used GHCi(WSL) on some Haskell project synced by cloud storage which is placed on Windows filesystem.

However, when I try to load GHCi with .ghci config file, GHCI says it can't pass .ghci permission check. As you know, chmod on WSL may ignore your command about many of file on NTFS filesystem in WSL. WSL shows permission of some files on Windows filesystems like 777.

Therefore, I think GHCi(WSL) may have an exceptional code not to check .ghci file as like as ghci warning message for MinTTY console.

P.S. Is there any bug-report place only for GHC-WSL? I couldn't find it.

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