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#15522 new bug

Cannot bind symbolic names in a rule

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Priority: normal Milestone: 8.6.1
Component: Documentation Version: 8.4.3
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I assumed the following would be accepted:

{-# RULES "blah" forall (+++). id (+++) = (+++) #-}

But it's not, as the parser doesn't like my +++. I find this inconsistent with the way that GHC normally treats term-level variables, which can generally be symbolic.

That said, I have no need for this feature, and allowing it creates more headaches (it potentially creates parsing challenges, especially with #2600; and soon people will want to specify fixities). I thus propose simply to document that we don't allow it and move on.

If you agree (for any definition of "you"), please post, as I'd love other opinions.

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+1, this doesn't seem to be worth the maintenance burden.

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