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#15843 new bug

Tuple sections can't be quoted

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Description (last modified by osa1)

There are quite a few forms that are not supported in template haskell quotes. It seems that it would be at least a good warm up patch to add support for tuple sections which you can do simply by desugaring to a lambda and the normal tuple constructor.

{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}                                                
{-# LANGUAGE TupleSections #-}                                                  
module Foo where                                                                
foo = [|| (,5) ||]
  1. Modify DsMeta.repE to handle tuple sections. You can desugar (,5) => \x -> (x, 5).
  2. Add the above test to the test suite.

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I disagree with the design in the original post. TH syntax should really be as close as possible to Haskell syntax. Instead, I would say that TH should support tuple sections directly. I propose changing TupE :: [Exp] -> Exp to become TupE :: [Maybe Exp] -> Exp.

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In cef80c0b/ghc:

Fix #15843 by extending Template Haskell AST for tuples to support sections
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