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HPC's CLI is awkward

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hpc's command line interface could be brought more in line with other Haskell tools (and most CLIs I've used). I would expect all of the following commands to work:

hpc --version
hpc --help
hpc markup --help

Currently these commands are:

hpc version
hpc help
hpc help markup

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comment:1 Changed 9 months ago by bgamari

Indeed HPC could use some love. It would be great if someone could offer to look after it. It's just a standard (albeit a bit dated) Haskell executable so anyone able to use GHC should be able pick it up without any trouble.

Alternatively, I have long wondered whether GHC should even be in the business of offering tools like hpc and hp2ps. I rather wonder whether we might not be better off simply doing a better job of documenting the formats and interfaces exposed by GHC and leave the tooling to be provided by Hackage packages. In the case of hp2ps, this may already be the case: I nearly always use hp2pretty instead of hp2ps and I suspect I'm not the only one.

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