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standalone deriving Typeable shouldn't need data constructors in scope?

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customary artificial example:

{-# LANGUAGE StandaloneDeriving #-}
{-# LANGUAGE DeriveDataTypeable #-}

import Data.Typeable(Typeable1)
import qualified Prelude()
import Prelude(Maybe)

deriving instance Typeable1 Maybe

GHCi, version 6.9.20080709:

    The data constructors of `Maybe' are not all in scope
      so you cannot derive an instance for it
    In the stand-alone deriving instance for `Typeable1 Maybe'
Failed, modules loaded: none.

Does Typeable really need access to the data constructors?

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Good point. Fixed by

Mon Aug  4 15:15:03 BST 2008
  * Fix Trac #2433 (deriving Typeable)


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We won't be releasing 6.8.4.

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