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Inconsistent loop performance

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Priority: normal Milestone: 7.6.1
Component: Compiler Version: 6.13
Keywords: Cc: ezyang, dterei
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Here are two small benchmarks:

import Criterion.Main

foo :: Int -> Int -> Int
foo n k | n <= 0    = k
        | otherwise = foo (n-1) (k+1)

bar :: Int -> Int -> Int
bar n k | n == 0    = k
        | otherwise = bar (n-1) (k+1)

main :: IO ()
main = defaultMain [ bench "foo" $ nf (uncurry foo) (20000000,0)
                   , bench "bar" $ nf (uncurry bar) (20000000,0)

On my laptop, I consistently get a mean running time of about 36ms for foo and about 45ms for bar. This is a rather big difference. The Core looks about the same and going via C gives me about 42ms for both loops so this is certainly a code generator problem.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by simonmar

Milestone: 6.14.1

The problem is this:

        { []
        _slB::I64 = R2;
        if (_slB::I64 != 0) goto cmv;
        R1 = R3;
        jump (I64[I64[Sp]]) ();
        R2 = _slB::I64 - 1;
        R3 = R3 + 1;
        jump Test.$wbar_entry ();

The assignment of _slB should really be inlined (or forward-propagated, if you like). The current code generator isn't clever enough to do this transformation when the use of the variable is in a different basic block from its assignment, and it's not an easy extension to make. This very example appears in a comment in CmmOpt.hs, in fact.

The new code generator will be able to do this using the dataflow framework. I'm sure LLVM will do it too (and more). We can leave the ticket open on the 6.14 branch to make sure the new backend fixes it.

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I just ran the benchmark with 7.0.3, I get the reverse outcome with that, foo takes about 48ms and bar about 42ms. Via C (-O2 -fvia-C -optc-O3), both take 40-41ms (bar is typically a bit faster). So, unless it's platform-dependent, the new code generator seems to have turned things around.

The core looks fine for both, basically

case n of
  0# -> ...
  _  -> ...

case n <=# 0# of
  True  -> ...
  False -> ...

for the workers. I don't understand cmm, so I'm guessing, the relevant parts seem to be

        _sn9::I32 = I32[Sp + 0];
        if (_sn9::I32 != 0) goto cnS;
        R1 = I32[Sp + 4];
        Sp = Sp + 8;
        jump (I32[Sp + 0]) ();
        _snI::I32 = I32[Sp + 4] + 1;
        _snJ::I32 = _sn9::I32 - 1;
        I32[Sp + 4] = _snI::I32;
        I32[Sp + 0] = _snJ::I32;
        jump FooBar_zdwbar_info ();

for bar and

        _coI::I32 = %MO_S_Le_W32(I32[Sp + 0], 0);
        if (_coI::I32 >= 1) goto coL;
        _soy::I32 = I32[Sp + 4] + 1;
        _soz::I32 = I32[Sp + 0] - 1;
        I32[Sp + 4] = _soy::I32;
        I32[Sp + 0] = _soz::I32;
        jump FooBar_zdwfoo_info ();
        R1 = I32[Sp + 4];
        Sp = Sp + 8;
        jump (I32[Sp + 0]) ();

for foo. The asm:

	movl 0(%ebp),%eax
	testl %eax,%eax
	jne .LcnX
	movl 4(%ebp),%esi
	addl $8,%ebp
	jmp *0(%ebp)
	decl %eax
	incl 4(%ebp)
	movl %eax,0(%ebp)
	jmp FooBar_zdwbar_info


	cmpl $0,0(%ebp)
	jle .Lcph
	movl 0(%ebp),%eax
	decl %eax
	incl 4(%ebp)
	movl %eax,0(%ebp)
	jmp FooBar_zdwfoo_info
	movl 4(%ebp),%esi
	addl $8,%ebp
	jmp *0(%ebp)

doesn't tell me either why bar is faster than foo.

comment:5 Changed 8 years ago by simonmar

Cc: ezyang added

Edward - this might be a good example to try with your new optimisation pass.

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comment:8 Changed 7 years ago by simonmar

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The new code generator is giving essentially the same code for these two, except that the sense of the branch is different (but that shouldn't make a difference).

	testq %r14,%r14
	jne .LcrI
	movq %rsi,%rbx
	jmp *(%rbp)
	decq %r14
	incq %rsi
	jmp Test_zdwbar_info

	testq %r14,%r14
	jle .Lcqr
	decq %r14
	incq %rsi
	movq %rsi,%rbx
	jmp *(%rbp)

The old code generator was ok on foo, but worse on bar:

	movq %r14,%rax
	testq %r14,%r14
	jne .Lcrg
	movq %rsi,%rbx
	jmp *0(%rbp)
	leaq -1(%rax),%r14
	incq %rsi
	jmp Test_zdwbar_info

comment:9 Changed 7 years ago by simonmar

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