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Deferred equalities and forall types

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In the new typechecker we occasionally find we want an equality

(forall a. F a beta) ~ (forall a. F a gamma)

where beta, gamma are unification variables that are (later) fixed from outside. As things stand we can't solve this, because our coercion form is too weak. Once Brent is done, however, I think we will. This ticket records the problem.

It shows up in package vector:

  • Data.Vector, Data.Vector.Unboxed, Data.Vector.Storable, Data.Vector.Primitive: need to eta expand defn of modify.
  • Data.Vector.Generic.New: eta expand create

A small example:

type function Mutable a :: * -> * -> *

data New v a = New (forall s. ST s (Mutable v s a))

create :: (forall s. ST s (Mutable v s a)) -> New v a
create = New

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A related post to ghc-users:

From: Stefan Holdermans [] 
Sent: 21 June 2011 10:51
Subject: Type function under a forall type

Simon, Tom,

I hit this type-error message in GHC 7.0.3:

  Cannot deal with a type function under a forall type:
  forall e. El e u

Is there a fundamental reason why type functions under a forall type are a bad idea? Of is it just something that hasn't been implemented/thought about yet?

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by simonpj

Dimitrios and I don't think there is a fundamental difficulty here, but it involves some work on the constraint solver that we have not yet done, especially concerning the evidence that is constructed for a proof.

So it's on the list, but currently not very high priority. Yell if it's important to you.


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See also #5595

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Fixed by the same patch as #5595.

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