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Ineffective seq/BangPatterns

Reported by: Owned by: igloo
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.4.1
Component: Compiler Version: 7.2.1
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Type of failure: Runtime performance bug Test Case:
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This could be related to #5557, but it might be something else. 7.2.1 was very picky about where you placed your bangs/seqs, for example

{-# LANGUAGE BangPatterns #-}
module Main (main) where

main :: IO ()
main = print (f 1000000)

f :: Integer -> Integer
f n = go n 0
    go 0 !sm = sm
    go k acc = go (k-1) (acc+k)


module Main (main) where

main :: IO ()
main = print (f 1000000)

f :: Integer -> Integer
f n = go n 0
    go a b | a `seq` b `seq` False = undefined
    go k acc
        | k == 0    = acc
        | otherwise = go (k-1) (acc+k)

gave a stack overflow when compiled with ghc -O2. You have to place the bang/seq on the second equation for it to work. Older ghc versions treated it well, as does HEAD, so it seems fixed, but perhaps a regression test is in order?

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Type of failure: None/UnknownRuntime performance bug

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The bang on the first equation is redundant: Pattern matching is left-to-right, so sm is only forced if the first argument is 0.

But with your code I'm getting a stack overflow with release builds, but not validate builds, of 7.2.2. We should investigate.

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by igloo

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I can't reproduce the above problem with the HEAD, so marking this as fixed.

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