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CLI option to silence "Loading package foo ... linking ... done" output

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When building libraries with GHC that require compile-time evaluations, such as TemplateHaskell, the per-compilation unit progress output, i.e.

[ n of N] Compiling Foo.Bar.Doo ( ... )

is flooded with several

Loading package foo ... linking ... done.

lines for each library required by the interpreted compile-time code.

Although this information is definitely useful for tracking down compile-time linking issues, its a bit too verbose IMHO.

I couldn't find any CLI option, to selectively disable just those linker messages, but keep the compilation progress output, therefore I'd hereby request the feature to provide a CLI option to disable outputting just those Loading package ... message while keeping everything else as is.

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thanks for the suggestion

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Moving to 7.10.1.

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Closing this ticket in favour of #7863 which sounds more promising

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