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#8955 new feature request

Syscall intrinsic

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Component: Compiler Version: 7.6.3
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Mentions there are some nice things that can be done with a syscall intrinsic. Also, marginally increased speed for calling syscalls since it doesn't need to go through libffi into C-land.

Should be easy to implement. llvm backend has llvm.syscall already.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by carter

I think doing this requires the static argument tooling I've been finally putting some time into. Also I think you're grossly understating the amount of work needed :)

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by thomie

Type of failure: None/UnknownRuntime performance bug

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by slyfox

Cc: slyfox added

What is your vision on how it's supposed to be used in haskell?

A new 'foreign import' type per OS/arch target type?

A new syntax to be able to call assembly instructions directly from haskell?

Also, marginally increased speed for calling syscalls since it doesn't need to go through libffi into C-land.

On at least i386 and amd64 GHC does not use libffi to call simple libc functions. For 'foreign import ccall unsafe' symbols GHC emits call <symbol> instruction directly. Native/via-libc difference might be in order of a few instructions. Note the amount of existing indirections:

module M where

import Foreign.C

foreign import ccall unsafe "foo" c_foo :: CInt -> IO CInt

gets translated to

.section .data
.align 8
.align 1
.globl __stginit_M
.type __stginit_M, @object
.section .rodata
.align 8
.align 1
        .byte   109
        .byte   97
        .byte   105
        .byte   110
        .byte   0
.section .data
.align 8
.align 1
.globl M_zdtrModule2_closure
.type M_zdtrModule2_closure, @object
        .quad   ghczmprim_GHCziTypes_TrNameS_static_info
        .quad   c2oj_str
.section .rodata
.align 8
.align 1
        .byte   77
        .byte   0
.section .data
.align 8
.align 1
.globl M_zdtrModule1_closure
.type M_zdtrModule1_closure, @object
        .quad   ghczmprim_GHCziTypes_TrNameS_static_info
        .quad   c2om_str
.section .data
.align 8
.align 1
.globl M_zdtrModule_closure
.type M_zdtrModule_closure, @object
        .quad   ghczmprim_GHCziTypes_Module_static_info
        .quad   M_zdtrModule2_closure+1
        .quad   M_zdtrModule1_closure+1
        .quad   3
.section .data
.align 8
.align 1
        .quad   r2eE_info
.section .text
.align 8
.align 8
        .quad   8589934597
        .quad   0
        .quad   15
        leaq -8(%rbp),%rax
        cmpq %r15,%rax
        jb .Lc2oF
        movq $c2ot_info,-8(%rbp)
        movq %r14,%rbx
        addq $-8,%rbp
        testb $7,%bl
        jne .Lc2ot
        jmp *(%rbx)
        movq $16,904(%r13)
        jmp stg_gc_unpt_r1
.align 8
        .quad   0
        .quad   31
        addq $16,%r12
        cmpq 856(%r13),%r12
        ja .Lc2oJ
        movq 7(%rbx),%rdi
        subq $8,%rsp
        xorl %eax,%eax
        call foo
        addq $8,%rsp
        movq $base_GHCziInt_I32zh_con_info,-8(%r12)
        movslq %eax,%rax
        movq %rax,(%r12)
        leaq -7(%r12),%rbx
        addq $8,%rbp
        jmp *(%rbp)
        movl $r2eE_closure,%ebx
        jmp *-8(%r13)
        .size r2eE_info, .-r2eE_info
.section .data
.align 8
.align 1
.globl M_czufoo_closure
.type M_czufoo_closure, @object
        .quad   M_czufoo_info
.section .text
.align 8
.align 8
        .quad   8589934597
        .quad   0
        .quad   15
.globl M_czufoo_info
.type M_czufoo_info, @object
        jmp r2eE_info
        .size M_czufoo_info, .-M_czufoo_info
.align 8
.align 1
.section .note.GNU-stack,"",@progbits
.ident "GHC 8.1.20160817"

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by hsyl20

comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by hsyl20

Cc: hsyl20 added
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