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forkProcess unnecessarily sets wait_foreign in hs_exit_

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During normal course of action in real_main a process is terminated with a call to

    shutdownHaskellAndExit(exit_status, 0 /* !fastExit */);

which is defined as

void shutdownHaskellAndExit(int n, int fastExit)
    if (!fastExit) {
        // even if hs_init_count > 1, we still want to shut down the RTS
        // and exit immediately (see #5402)
        hs_init_count = 1;

        // we're about to exit(), no need to wait for foreign calls to return.


However, when we call forkProcess, the child process does not terminate in this manner, but instead calls

       hs_exit();                      // clean up and exit

instead, where hs_exit is defined as

void hs_exit(void)
    // be safe; this might be a DLL

Crucially, this means that, unlike the parent, the child process does wait for foreign calls to be terminated (it calls hs_exit_ with rtsTrue instead of rtsFalse).

I don't see a reason why the child process should terminate in a different manner to the parent, so I propose to change this so that forkProcess calls shutdownHaskellAndExit, just like real_main does.

Incidentally, this is the immediate cause for , although the patch proposed in this ticket is not sufficient to solve the problems with termination of the I/O manager in the general case (but I will let Andreas explain that in more detail :).

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Terminate in forkProcess like in real_main

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