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The example for GHC Generics is kinda broken

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The popular GHC.Generics serialization example at illustrates how to serialize a sum datatype (a :+: b), with a 0 bit representing a and a 1 bit representing b. However, consider a :+: b :+: c. If the compiler treats this as (a :+: b) :+: c, then a is 00, b is 01, c is 1. If it's a :+: (b :+: c), then a is 0, b is 10, c is 11. The compiler's decision, even though (as I understand it) consistent for any given compile, could differ later. The manual, at states not to depend on the ordering, which the example does.

I think this is a valid concern, and the manual should be at least updated to discuss this problem.

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Yes; certainly if the way the compiler nests sums in the automatic derivation of Generic instances changes, or if the user is giving their own instances, there is no guarantee that the serialisation outcome is the same. I could perhaps add a note to the example in the manual to highlight the fact that it doesn't try to work across different versions of the compiler. Updating the example to deal with different nestings would be overkill, I think.

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In 88f20bd/ghc:

Add a caveat to the GHC.Generics examples about :+: nesting

GHC's choice in how it nests `:+:` can sometimes affect the
implementaiton of `GHC.Generics`-related code, so we should make a note of
this in the examples we provide. Fixes #9453.

Test Plan: Read it, like it, build it, ship it

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