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Parse error in multiline case expression inside let inside do block

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Component: Compiler Version: 7.8.3
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main = do
    let x = case 1 of
        0 -> False
        _ -> True
    print x

The above program produces the following error: $ runghc bug.hs bug.hs:3:11: parse error on input ‘->’

Slightly rewritten versions print True as indended:

main = do
    let x = case 1 of { 0 -> False; _ -> True }
    print x

main = do
    print $ case 1 of
        0 -> False
        _ -> True

I have double-checked that the offending program does not contain mixed tabs and spaces.

The same error occurs on my own system (Linux Mint x64, Haskell Platform 2014.2 with GHC 7.83) and in FPComplete's online IDE.

I first encountered the error in a program copied verbatim from a Haskell book, so i assume that the syntax is allowed.

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This program isn't valid. let introduces layout, so because line 3's first non-whitespace character is in the same column as the first non-whitespace character after the let, lines 2-4 desugar to

let { x = case 1 of {};
      0 -> False;
      _ -> True

Lines 3 and 4 need to be indented by at least one more space for the intended meaning.

(It may help to recall that

main = do
    let x = 1
        y = 2
    print x

is valid syntax.)

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