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More lazy orphan module loading

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Currently, when we import a module, we eagerly load all of the orphan modules transitively reachable from it (TcRnDriver:tcRnImports). This is a bit of bummer: as module import hierarchies get deeper and deeper, we'll collect more and more orphan instances and load more and more modules eagerly.

The idea is to try to arrange for an orphan module not to be loaded, unless we think that it might have a relevant instance. Instead of just recording a list of orphan modules transitively reachable from a module, we will also record a digest of what type classes and types the orphan provides instances for. (This will be similar to the data we record for ifInstTys in IfaceClsInst.)

Now, when we do any operation involving instances, we check and see if there are also orphans which could provide relevant instances (based on the digest) and load those. If an instance could never have been used, we avoid loading its interface file entirely.

This doesn't appear to help too much for type families, where we have to load all of the instances anyway in order to check for consistency.

A choice to make: Should we record just the class, or also the types involved? It would be best if we could quickly conclude that there are no more instances to load, but this may be difficult if matching against types as well.

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See also #9729

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Differential Rev(s): D454

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Differential Rev(s): D454Phab:D454

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