Agenda Proposal for HackPar

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Agenda proposals

JB: I suggest the following formats

  • T=Talk (Practical Code Knowledge): One person gives informative overview and points to relevant source code, followed/interrupted by time slots to look up and read the code.
  • Brainstorm: One person presents ideas (slides, black/white board, ???) about future features and development, and is chairing a discussion round afterwards. After discussion, results have to be fixed in keywords, within 5 minutes.
  • Pair Programming: groups of 2 read and write code, focus on one particular aspect
  • Snapshot: <5 minute for reporting results of hacking sessions to the group
Time Topic Chair/Presenter
Thu, early Individual setup on arrival
Thu, noon Lunch
Thu, 1:30 T:Jumpstart session: repository and build setup, Debugging ?Vladimir? / Jost
Thu, 2pm T:Overview of the Implementation Structure, Eden parts Jost
Thu, 2:30 T:Heap Closures, Pointer tagging for Dummies ?Simon?
Thu, 3pm Pair programming: Tracing, Packing, GUM-Eden integration, configure/packaging -
Thu, 5pm Summary snapshots -
Thu, 5:30 Brainstorm Repository Jost/tba
Thu, dinner Pizza
Thu, late Pair programming II ? -
Fri, 9am Breakfast?
Fri, 9:30 ?T:GUM implementation Mustafa
Fri, 10am ?T:Migration/Load balancing Vladimir?
Fri, 10:30 Pair Programming: Tracing, Packing, configure/packaging
Fri, 1pm Lunch break
Fri, 2pm Organising the development, group positioning HWL
Fri, 2:15 T:Migration/Load balancing Vladimir
Fri, 2:30 T:Future GHC directions Simon
Fri, 3pm Brainstorm: Test suite coverage and Setup tba
Fri, 3:30 Pair Programming: various test programs, test and repo setup -
Fri, 5:30 Summary snapshots, check-in
Fri, 6pm Brainstorm (with scotch & malt?) bar tender
Fri, late Curry and games evening -
Sat, 9:30 Extensions and Future directions Chair:
Globus, GHC-GAP, GHC-SMP, Microkernel, Packing as-a-library tba
Sat, 10:30 Pair programming: various projects (analysis)
Sat, 12:30 Summary snapshots
Sat, 1pm Lunch break
Sat, 3pm Pair programming: Tracing, Packing code, various projects
Sat, 5pm Summary snapshots
Sat, 5:30 Result check-in (repository) and wrap-up
Sat, late Pub and winding-down
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