This is not about the more recent effort of splitting up base, see SplitBase for that

This page is about what needs to be dealt with in GHC (and the base package) in order for it to support altarnate base packages (for example, a prototype of Haskell 2's library).

Wired-in types and classes

GHC has a lot of types and classes wired in. Some of them are things we would want to change in an alternate base package; others are okay as they are, except that they probably shouldn't be in the base package.

Things that we wouldn't really want to change, though we'd want to change the classes the types are instances of:

  • lists ([] and :)
  • tuples
  • the IO and ST internals
  • Int, Word, etc.
  • Float, Double

(However, we might want to change the classes these are instances of...)

Things we'd likely want to change, though it wouldn't greatly matter if the old ones could still be found in GHC.*:

  • the numeric classes
  • the Monad classes (i.e. putting fail back in MonadZero, where it belongs)
  • Read, Show (especially Read)
  • the Prelude module (we'd wannt it to use e.g. base2:Prelude, not base:Prelude, obviously)


See #1537 (do notation translation); make the obvious extensions to alternate base packages.


The derivings, as they are, clearly wouldn't work too well for changed classes. Not sure what to do about this at all.

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