Building and Porting GHC

This Guide is primarily aimed at those who want to build and/or hack on GHC. It describes how to get started with building GHC on your machine, and how to tweak the settings to get the kind of build you want. It also describes the inner workings of the build system, so you can extend it, modify it, and use it to build your code.


Getting started

More detailed information about using the build system

How to test and benchmark GHC

Information about libraries (= packages)

More detailed information about how the build system works

Porting GHC and building cross compilers


Contributed documentation

Please feel free to add pages here. In due course, information can be incorporated into the main documentation above.

  • SonyPS3 : Hints for building on the Sony PS3
  • Arm64 : An attempt to cross-compile GHC for Android on ARM64.
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