Idiom: standard targets (all, clean, etc.)

We want an all target that builds everything, but we also want a way to build individual components (say, everything in rts/). This is achieved by having a separate "all" target for each directory, named all_directory. For example in rts/ we might have this:

all : all_rts
.PHONY all_rts
all_rts : ...dependencies...

When the top level make includes all these files, it will see that target all depends on all_rts, all_ghc, ...etc...; so make all will make all of these. But the individual targets are still available. In particular, you can say

  • make all_rts (anywhere) to build everything in the RTS directory
  • make all (anywhere) to build everything
  • make, with no explicit target, makes the default target in the current directory's stub Makefile, which in turn makes the target all_dir, where dir is the current directory.

Other standard targets such as clean, install, and so on use the same technique. There are pre-canned macros to define your "all" and "clean" targets, take a look in rules/ and rules/

These targets also work for the libraries, eg make all_libraries/ghc-prim_dist-install. This target is parsed as make all in libraries/ghc-prim for the dist-install build. Some libraries also have a dist-boot build.

In order for make to be able to find your new directory and apply the rules to it you need to add it to the BUILD_DIRS list in the top-level


Without this entry calling make will not allow it to find a target for the new entry.

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