Idiom: stub makefiles

It's all very well having a single giant Makefile that knows how to build everything in the right order, but sometimes you want to build just part of the system. When working on GHC itself, we might want to build just the compiler, for example. In the ancient, recursive make system we would have done cd ghc and then make. In the non-recursive system we can still achieve this by specifying the target with something like make ghc/stage1/build/ghc, but that's not so convenient.

Our second idiom therefore supports the cd ghc; make idiom, just as with recursive make. To achieve this we put tiny stub Makefile in each directory whose job it is to invoke the main Makefile specifying the appropriate target(s) for that directory. These stub Makefiles follow a simple pattern:

dir = libraries/base
TOP = ../..
include $(TOP)/mk/

where mk/ knows how to recursively invoke the giant top-level make.

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