Call Arity notes

This wiki page is about the Call Arity analysis and transformation, which eta-expands definitions if we know that it is always being called with a certain number of arguments. This looks a the uses of a function, which is different from the the code in CoreArity, which looks at the definition of a function.

This pages does not document Call Arity as implemented; that documentation should be found and maintained with the code, at source:compiler/simplCore/CallArity.hs.

This page used to discuss possible changes to the analysis, but these are implemented now ([cb8a63c]), so I removed the obsolete notes from here.

More information on the analysis can be found in the TFP 2013 paper. A proof of safety can be found in a paper presented at Haskell’15 and in the Isabelle formalization of Call Arity.

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