Migrating Old Commentary

Below you will find a table with a line for each section of the old commentary. Please replace unknown with done if you believe that the wiki commentary completely captures all of the information in that section of the old commentary, and that there is no longer any reason for people to read that section of the commentary.

Before the Show Begins

Other Sources of Wisdomdone


Outline of the Genesisdone
Mindboggling Makefilesdone
GHC's Marvellous Module Structuredone

The Beast Dissected

Coding style used in the compilerdone
The Glorious DriverSections 1 & 2 done, Other sections mostly outdated
Primitives and the Preludeunknown
Just Syntaxunknown
The Basicsunknown
Modules, ModuleNames and Packagesunknown
The truth about names: Names and OccNamesunknown
The Real Story about Variables, Ids, TyVars, and the likeunknown
Data types and constructorsunknown
The Glorious Renamerunknown
Hybrid Typesunknown
Checking Typesunknown
Sugar Free: From Haskell To Coreunknown
The Mighty Simplifierunknown
The Evil Manglerdone
Alien Functionsunknown
You Got Control: The STG-languageunknown
The Native Code Generatorunknown
Implementation of foreign exportunknown
Compiling and running the Main moduleunknown

RTS & Libraries

Coding Style Guidelinesdone
Spineless Tagless Cunknown
Prelude Foundationsunknown
Cunning Prelude Codeunknown
On why we have ForeignPtrunknown
Non-blocking I/O for Win32unknown
Supporting multi-threaded interoperationunknown

Extensions, or Making a Complicated System More Complicated

Template Haskellunknown
Parallel Arraysunknown
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