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The GHC Commentary

This tree of wiki pages is a "commentary" on the GHC source code. It contains all the explanatory material that doesn't belong in comments in the source code itself, because the material is wide-ranging, usually covers multiple source files, and is more architectural in nature. The commentary can also be considered a design document for GHC.

Please feel free to add maaterial to this commentary: don't worry too much about accuracy, in due course someone will edit your contribution. Try to link to source files as much as possible by using this macro: [[GhcFile(compiler/Makefile)]] (the usual Trac source: macro doesn't work here because the GHC darcs repository isn't integrated into this Trac). Also try to add appropriate links to other parts of the commentary.

Temporary note: don't edit in the main section yet; instead send us comments. We are editing heavily, from sources held in emacs, and might overwrite your changes'''


  • SPJ ModIface, ModDetails, ModGuts
  • SPJ Core->CorePrep->Stg->Cmm
  • The GHC API
  • SM HscMain upwards: ModSummary, Finder, upsweep, downsweep

Contributed Documentation

Please feel free to add new pages here. In due course information will migrate from here to the main commentary above.

  • The Compiler
    • BeginnersNotes: Some notes about getting started hacking GHC and the structure of the compiler (especially types and typecheck)
    • TypeFunctions: Notes concerning the implementation of type functions and associated types in the FC branch of GHC.
    • IntermediateTypes: Notes about the type system of GHC's new intermediate language, in the FC branch
    • RewriteRules: Notes about the implementation of RULEs in GHC
    • BackEndNotes: Some ideas and notes about the back end.
    • GhciDebugger: Some notes about the implementation of the GHCi debugger. Probably uninteresting unless you want to work on the debugger.
    • DebuggingGhcCrashes: how to use gdb to debug a crash in GHC-compiled code.
    • AddingNewPrimitiveOperations: How to add new primitive operations to GHC Haskell.
    • Replacing GMP: Notes from an effort to replace GMP with another Bignum library.
  • The Runtime System
    • GarbageCollectorNotes Notes about GHC's existing single threaded garbage collector and development of a parallel GC.

Old but useful

Finally, here are some generally-useful, but now somewhat-out-of-date resources:

  • The GHC Commentary: Information on the internals of GHC, in various states of up-to-dateness. We are keen to move this stuff out of its current location and onto this Wiki. If anyone is willing to help do that, even for just a part in which you are interested, we would be delighted.
  • GhcPapers: papers and pointers to other documents that relate to the inner workings of GHC.