Maintaining CircleCI

Most of the configuration of GHC's CircleCI instance can be found in one of three places:

  • .circleci/config.yml in the GHC tree defines the set of jobs to be run and when, and the build procedure
  • the Docker images in .circleci/images/* define the initial build environments
  • .circleci/, which is run at the beginning of every build, does a bit more setup (some of this probably ought to be moved into the Docker files)

Updating the Docker images

To update one of the Docker images you will need to install the Docker engine. To build the new image (using x86_64-linux-fedora as a example),

$ docker build .circleci/images/x86_64-linux-fedora
# will produce a fair amount of output...
Successfully built b6f13cfca0b4

Now that we have built the image we need to give it a name and upload it to Docker Hub, where it will be found by CircleCI (updating the version number as appropriate):

$ docker tag b6f13cfca0b4 ghcci/x86_64-linux-fedora:0.0.4
$ docker push ghcci/x86_64-linux-fedora:0.0.4

Finally, .circleci/config.yml needs to be updated to point to the new image version. Specifically, change docker.image of the "validate-x86_64-fedora" to ghcci/x86_64-linux-fedora:0.0.4. Now new builds should use your new image.

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