Other work on nested data parallelism

  • There is obviously all the work of Blelloch's group on NESL including an implementation based on flattening.
  • Intel's Microsystems Programming Lab is working on an extension to their C/C++ compiler, called Ct, which adds nested data parallelism as a library (and special compiler support for NDP intrinsics).

  • Using nested DO or FORALL constructs, nested data parallelism can be expressed in Fortran 95 and beyond. However, parallelising Fortran compilers cannot exploit such parallelism properly. For example, they may only parallelise the inner or outer loop. Loop parallelisation of Fortran programs is however a broad topic and there are all kinds of approaches aiming to broaden the classes of loop nests that can be parallelised. It's been a while since I looked at that stuff last.

Further interesting information about recent work on data parallelism is at

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