Interface deprecation mechanisms

This page serves as a place to collect proposals, tickets, open problems, and ideas regarding mechanisms for deprecating program interfaces.

For motivation for these mechanisms one can look to a number of recently-considered proposals for reworking the core libraries, for instance the Applicative-Monad Proposal.

Warning on import of DEPRECATED definitions

GHC has for a long time allowed users to attach DEPRECATED pragmas to definitions, defining a warning message which will be shown to clients when a use-site of the marked definition is encountered.

Sadly, this design doesn't account for instances where a deprecated definition is explicitly imported but not actually used. #2119 argues that GHC should issue a warning when an explicit import of a deprecated definition is found.

SimonM If you import a DEPRECATED identifier, then there are two cases: either it is mentioned somewhere, in which case the deprecation warning will be shown, or it is not mentioned, in which case there will be an unused import warning (provided it is enabled), so this seems less useful than the other suggestions on this page. End SimonM

TODO Write formal specification.

Deprecating exports

GHC's existing DEPRECATED pragma only covers definitions, not their visibility. #4879 argues that GHC should allow DEPRECATED pragmas to be attached to names in export lists, meaning that the definition itself isn't deprecated (allowing warning-free uses within the defining module), only its role as an outward-facing interface.

TODO Write specification

Class method deprecation

As of GHC 7.10 there is no effective way to demote a typeclass method to a normal top-level binding (see #10071). This would be useful in cases such as

A concrete proposal for allowing DEPRECATED pragmas to be attached to class methods can be found at Design/DeprecationMechanisms/TypeClassMethods.


See also #10933.

Once a method or function is finally removed, we just get a compiler error which doesn't give much guidance what to use instead. A suggestion is to have a REMOVED pragma into which a DEPRECATED pragma can be rewritten into, providing additional guidance for a missing symbol that was once there.

Possible extension for removed class methods: When defining a no-more existent method as part of an instance definition, ignore definitions matching a set of specified implementation bodies. E.g. for AMP defining return = pure even though return has been REMOVED could be tolerated. This would allow for a CPP-less transition. Richard: Interesting extension. But this should surely cause a warning even if it is tolerated. End Richard

TODO Write specification

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