This table summarises which platforms we believe the 6.10.2 release properly builds on.

Please do update this table if you have more up-to-date info, or add new platforms if you have info for them.

Tier 1

PlatformWorks?Last CheckedTickets
Windows/x86 No results
OS X/x86 No results

RTS -K/-M options not honored

Linux/amd64 No results

Tier 2

PlatformWorks?Last CheckedTickets
OS X/powerpc No results
Linux/powerpc No results
Solaris/x86 No results
Solaris/amd64 No results
Solaris/sparc No results
FreeBSD/x86 No results
FreeBSD/amd64 No results
OpenBSD/x86 No results
OpenBSD/amd64 No results
NetBSD/x86 No results
NetBSD/amd64 No results
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