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Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GpH) and Eden documentation

This page will describe the GpH and Eden parallel variants of GHC. This is work in progress.

St Andrews has hosted the HackPar parallel hackathon in December.

A series of GpH Meetings? has been launched.

What follows is an entry page to describe technical documentation of the Eden/GpH implementation in parallel systems with distributed memory.

The different aspects are covered by separate pages reachable from here.

Modifications to implement Eden (and parallel RTS instances in general)

Future work

  • event logging for parallel Haskell
  • GUM variant of packing code, using global addressing


Here is a list of hackers involved in the development of GpH/Eden


A mailing list for parallel Haskell implementors has been set up at HWU: hackpar


This list of tasks is based on the discussion during the parallel hackathon, Dec 2009. Each task has a maintainer associated with it, who looks after the software.

  • GpH/Eden Code maintenance: (HWL to oversee)
    • Scheduling: Per-PE scheduling and load distribution policies (VJ)
    • Packing/Serialisation: Turning a graph into a write-/send-able format (JB)
    • Distributed Shared Memory: Abstraction layer over distribution of heap (HWL)
    • Communication: Sending and receiving work and data (MKA)
    • Monitoring/Tracing: MD/TH
  • Visualisation Tools: Visualising parallel execution (MD/TH)
  • Parallel NoFib Suite: Parallel benchmark programs (HE)
  • Testsuite: Programs testing the parallel RTS
  • Packaging and building: ???
  • Darcs repo maintenance: Main repos in Marburg (JB)
  • GpH/Eden tracs ticketing: Bug reports (HWL)