Haskell Library Report

The base package (together with array) currently provides a super-set of the modules controlled by the Haskell Language Report.

Changes affecting the Haskell Library Report

The following table lists changes having an impact on the Haskell Report

The list may be incomplete as it's generated by filtering tickets containing the report-impact in its keywords property; add that keyword to tickets that are missing in the list

Ticket Type Summary Resolution Milestone
#1103 bug Japanese Unicode fixed 6.10 branch
#1990 proposal Add 'subsequences' and 'permutations' to Data.List fixed 6.10 branch
#3676 bug realToFrac doesn't sanely convert between floating types
#4834 task Implement Functor => Applicative => Monad Hierarchy (aka AMP phase 3) fixed 7.10.1
#4865 proposal Deprecate and remove Prelude.catch and System.IO.Error.{catch,try} fixed Not GHC
#5071 bug GHCi crashes on large alloca/allocaBytes requests
#5414 feature request Add unsafeShift to Data.Bits fixed 7.4.1
#5593 task Proposal: Remove Num superclass of Bits fixed 7.6.1
#7077 feature request Add an order-reversing newtype to Data.Ord fixed 7.6.1
#7424 feature request Add Data.Bits instance for Bool fixed 7.8.1
#7425 feature request Add method to Data.Bits for creating zeroed values. fixed 7.8.1
#7530 feature request Proposal: Add isLeft/isRight to Data.Either fixed 7.8.1
#7817 feature request Moving basic functions fixed 7.8.1
#8302 feature request Add 'bool' to Data.Bool fixed 7.8.1
#9004 feature request Add sortOn function to Data.List fixed 7.10.1
#9008 feature request Data.Function: Add reverse application operator fixed 7.10.1
#9016 feature request Add System.Exit.die fixed 7.10.1
#9099 feature request Add strict fmap fixed 7.10.1
#9385 feature request Additions to Control.Monad invalid
#9531 task Implement Prelude.Word Proposal fixed 7.10.1
#9532 task Expose new CLZ/CTZ primops via `Data.Bits` interface fixed 7.10.1
#9550 feature request Add uncons to Data.List fixed 7.10.1
#9573 bug Add warning for invalid digits in integer literals
#9586 task Implement Traversable/Foldable-Burning-Bridges Proposal fixed 7.10.1
#9588 task Add `MonadPlus (Either e)` and `Alternative (Either e)` instances
#9590 bug AMP breaks `haskell2010` package wontfix 7.10.1
#9664 task Add identity functor to base fixed 7.10.1
#9767 feature request Add isSubsequenceOf to Data.List fixed 7.10.1
#9816 feature request Add function for size-checked conversion of Integral types fixed 7.10.1
#10039 feature request Make Const (Control.Applicative) kind polymorphic in its second argument fixed 8.0.1
#10092 bug lex doesn't handle binary literals invalid
#10113 feature request Re-export (<$>) and (<$) from Prelude fixed 7.10.1
#10190 feature request Add a Monad instance for ((,) w) fixed 8.0.1
#10196 bug Regression regarding Unicode subscript characters in identifiers fixed 7.10.2
#10364 feature request Feature request: Add support for FMA wontfix
#10365 feature request Implement Semigroup as a superclass of Monoid Proposal (Phase 1) fixed 8.0.1
#10444 bug Text.Read.Lex.lex broken fixed 8.0.1
#10751 task Implement Phase 1 of MonadFail Proposal (MFP) fixed 8.0.1
#10755 task Add `MonadPlus IO` and `Alternative IO` instances fixed 8.0.1
#11012 feature request Support for unicode primes on identifiers.
#11170 bug (read ".9") :: Double unable to parse wontfix
#11609 task Document unicode report deviations
#12120 bug GHC accepts invalid Haskell: `class Eq (a Int) => C a where`

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