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GHC Repositories

This page lists the active repositories relating to GHC. For instructions on actually getting a GHC source tree, see Building/GettingTheSources.


The Master List of repositories is in the file $(TOP)/packages. It is authoritative. Everything else in this sub-section may be out of date, although it gives the right general idea.

These repositories are the HEAD (main trunk) of GHC development: main GHC repository test suite (requires python 2.4+) benchmark suite

Our repositories are either git repo, or darcs "hashed" format repos. You need Darcs version 2 or later (preferably 2.4 or later) to get the darcs repos. Use darcs's --lazy option when getting the repository remotely to dramatically speed up the transfer.

The following repositories are the "GHC boot" libraries, i.e. the set of libraries that are necessary to build GHC (i.e. they are used when building the stage 2 compiler). They populate the libraries/ directory of a GHC tree.

Additionally a GHC build needs these two tools:


The following branches are active:

7.2 Branch
Prepend ghc-7.2 to the name of the repository to get the 7.2 branch. For example, the 7.2 ghc repository is at Note: only the ghc repository, the core libraries and the testsuite were branched for 7.2; the other repos were not. However, there are symlinks under ghc-7.2 for the other repos. The sync-all script knows where to get everything, so you don't have to worry about this, just follow the instructions in Building/GettingTheSources.