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GHC Repositories

This page lists the active repositories relating to GHC. For instructions on actually getting a GHC source tree, see Getting The Sources. For information on using these repositories (via submodules), see the Submodules page.

Repository listing

The GHC source code tracks many related sub-repositories, which are needed for external dependencies during the build, or tools that are included in the build. Not every sub-repository is maintained by us; in fact, the large majority are not maintained by GHC HQ.

As a result of this, in HEAD, essentially every single upstream repository we track is tracked with a git submodule. These submodules are mirrored for us, and we send patches we need to the upstream maintainer. Here are the submodules we use, and where their upstreams point:

Location in tree Upstream repo Upstream GHC branch
utils/hsc2hs master
utils/haddock ghc-head
nofib master
libraries/array master
libraries/binary master
libraries/bytestring master
libraries/Cabal master
libraries/containers master
libraries/deepseq master
libraries/directory master
libraries/filepath master
libraries/haskeline master
libraries/haskell98 master
libraries/haskell2010 master
libraries/hoopl master
libraries/hpc master
libraries/old-locale master
libraries/old-time master
libraries/process master
libraries/terminfo master
libraries/time master
libraries/unix master
libraries/Win32 master
libraries/xhtml master
libraries/random master
libraries/primitive master
libraries/vector master
libraries/dph master
libraries/parallel master
libraries/stm master