GHC's support for Unicode is not as good as it could be. This page collects relevant tickets:

FFI spec behaviour for CString

  • #5061: Implement FFI spec behaviour for *CString family
  • #1414: CString marshalling functions do not perform the specified conversion

Not decoding/encoding file names when we should be

  • #3309: getArgs should return Unicode on Unix
  • #3308: getArgs should return Unicode on Windows
  • #3307: System.IO and System.Directory functions not Unicode-aware under Unix
  • #4006: System.Process doesn't encode its arguments
  • #4855: Debug.Trace.trace mangles Unicode strings

More encoding support

  • #3977: Support double-byte encodings (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) on Windows

Unicode API issues

  • #4471: Incorrect Unicode output on Windows Console
  • #3569: ghci can't handle utf-8 chinese char correctly when modify


  • #2507: quotation characters in error messages
  • #5088: TextEncoding iconv instances are shared between threads

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