GHC plans for 7.10.2

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Tickets slated for 7.10.2

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Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#7695 bug Hang when locale-archive and gconv-modules are not there highest
#9858 bug Typeable instances should be kind-aware highest
#10206 bug Incorrect links are generated for modules in the index of "Haskell Hiearchical Libraries" highest thoughtpolice
#10285 bug Bug in Coerciible highest goldfire
#10288 bug -flate-dmd-anal triggers "Entered absent arg" highest simonpj
#10321 bug GHC.TypeLits.Nat types no longer fully simplified. highest
#10366 task Post link to MacOS binary of 7.10 highest thoughtpolice
#10443 bug Regression in forall typechecking highest simonpj
#10488 bug Inconsistent reduction of type family highest
#10491 bug Regression, simplifier explosion with Accelerate, cannot compile, increasing tick factor is not a workaround highest bgamari
#10521 bug Wrong results in strict Word8 storage on x64 highest rwbarton
#10534 bug Data families + Coercible = unsafeCoerce highest
#10538 bug Simpilifier produces empty case in core, segfaults at runtime. highest bgamari
#10545 bug Deadlock in the threaded RTS highest simonmar
#10602 bug ghc panic: Template variable unbound in rewrite rule when compiling with -O2 highest bgamari
#10638 bug quoting and Template Haskell handling for prim and javascript foreign imports broken highest
#8276 bug Building Haddock documentation panics with perf build on x86_64 Linux high thoughtpolice
#9673 bug aarch64 7.8.4, 7.10, 7.11: lib/ghc/bin/ghc-pkg --version does not output from subprocess high
#9929 bug New alias handling not compatible with LLVM 3.4 high thoughtpolice
#10052 bug Panic (something to do with floatExpr?) high simonmar
#10110 bug Compiling unit fails with Loading temp shared object failed high
#10232 bug versionedAppDir ignores projectVersion from DynFlags high
#10236 bug DWARF unwind info is broken high
#10293 bug CallArity taking 20% of compile time high nomeata
#10302 bug 7.10.1 documenation is incorrect wrt supported llvm version high thoughtpolice
#10304 task Bump Cabal submodule high hvr
#10322 bug In ghci object code loader, linking against the previous temp dylib is not enough on OS X high
#10441 bug msys native python testsuite support doesn't work in some situations high
#10442 bug Loading of shared libraries is problematic in ghc 7.10.1 high
#10479 bug Make GHC install libraries to, e.g. xhtml-3000.2.1-0ACfOp3hebWD9jGWE4v4Gh high ezyang
#10480 bug Ship Cabal with Windows filepath fix high ezyang
#10496 task Update Haddock for 7.10.2 high thoughtpolice
#10564 bug GHC 7.10.2 RC cannot build HList- high
#10627 bug Regression: cabal install of numeric-prelude hangs high
#10630 bug Template variable unbound in rewrite rule (GHC 7.10.1) high
#8248 bug GHCi should not fail to honour ghci.conf or .ghci if group writable normal whisky
#8435 bug Do not copy stack after stack overflow normal archblob
#9507 feature request ghc-pkg mode to query by package-key normal ezyang
#9769 bug User's Guide missing from Windows binary distributions normal
#9895 feature request No -mtriple param being passed to opt/llc when cross compiling normal erikd
#9920 bug Segfault in arm binary with llvm 3.5 normal erikd
#9950 bug Documentation for InterruptibleFFI contains broken example normal erdeszt
#9964 bug GHC crash with NOINLINE and weird IO stuff normal
#10101 bug ghci :e throws exception after type error normal archblob
#10108 bug Dramatic slowdown with -O2 bytestream and list streams combined. normal
#10109 bug Kinds aren't checked in the coverage condition normal
#10126 feature request Test framework should not assume that GHC tools are in the same directory as GHC itself normal
#10148 bug Optimization causes repeated computation normal
#10195 bug GHC forgets constraints when matching on GADTs normal
#10196 bug Regression regarding Unicode subscript characters in identifiers normal
#10198 bug Build failure on Solaris/SPARC due to misaligned data access (bus error) normal
#10205 bug On Windows ghc-pkg always reports cache out of date normal
#10207 bug parser: ParStmt has incorrect SrcSpan normal alanz
#10208 bug libffi issues executable stacks on i386 normal simonmar
#10209 bug parser: opt_kind_sig has incorrect SrcSpan normal alanz
#10210 bug Documentation link to 7.10.1 migration guide broken normal thoughtpolice
#10213 bug GHC User Guide documentation of -fwarn-tabs is now incorrect normal dalaing
#10214 bug parser: TransStmt has incorrect SrcSpan normal alanz
#10218 bug GHC creates incorrect code which throws <<loop>> normal
#10224 bug Partial type signatures generate typed hole warnings normal
#10233 bug Reexporting GHC.Exts does not export Constraint normal
#10243 bug SrcSpan incorrect for non-alphanumeric VarPat normal
#10244 bug "memory barriers unimplemented on this architecture" on ARM pre-ARMv7 normal simonmar
#10251 bug Bad rule generated in pathological cases normal
#10254 bug parser : the API annotation on opt_sig is being discarded normal alanz
#10255 bug API Annotations : ExprWithTySig processing discards annotated spans normal alanz
#10256 bug parser: API Annotations : guardquals1 does not annotate commas properly normal alanz
#10260 bug last uses too much space with optimizations disabled normal nomeata
#10263 bug Role annotation should never be ambiguous normal goldfire
#10264 bug AArch64 : Installing 7.10.1 fails normal
#10268 bug ApiAnnotations : quoted type variables missing leading quote normal alanz
#10269 bug ApiAnnotations : RdrHsSyn.isFunLhs discards parentheses normal alanz
#10275 bug LLVM/cross-compilation fixes to be backported normal
#10277 bug ApiAnnotations : lexer discards comment close in nested comment normal alanz
#10278 bug ApiAnnotations : Nested forall loses forall annotation normal alanz
#10280 bug ApiAnnotations : AnnComma missing in TupleSection normal alanz
#10287 bug ApiAnnotations : BooleanFormula construction discards original normal alanz
#10292 bug Validate fails on armhf-linux normal
#10298 bug Infinite loop when shared libraries are unavailable normal simonmar
#10299 bug Inconsistent parsing of lifted list constructor normal
#10307 bug Api Annotations: RdrHsSyn.mkAtDefault causes annotations to be disconnected. normal alanz
#10308 bug GHC 7.10 does not export GHC.Event.Lifetime normal
#10309 bug ApiAnnotations : mkGadtDecl discards annotations for HsFunTy normal alanz
#10312 bug ApiAnnotations: misplaced AnnComma for squals production normal alanz
#10314 bug ApiAnnotations: mkHsForAllTy discards parens normal alanz
#10315 bug ApiAnnotations : Empty context loses annotations normal alanz
#10317 bug Event manager: Multishot registrations only fire once normal
#10329 bug ghc-7.10 is configured to use llvm-3.6 but only compiles with llvm-3.5 normal
#10335 bug Failure to construct superclasses in instance normal
#10349 bug ghc-7.10 fails to configure on aarch64 with cannot compute sizeof (long long) normal
#10354 bug ApiAnnotations : parens around a context with wildcard loses annotations normal alanz
#10357 bug ApiAnnotations : pquals production adds AnnVbar in the wrong place normal alanz
#10358 bug ApiAnnotations : PatBind gives wrong SrcSpan for the pattern. normal alanz
#10363 bug ApiAnnotations : HsForAllTy discards parens normal alanz
#10369 bug arm binaries have an executable stack normal erikd
#10370 bug Compile time regression in OpenGLRaw normal
#10386 bug Documentation for -Wall is wrong normal AlexET
#10395 bug ghc-7.10 branch : Please cherry-pick 1a4374c1e2 from master normal
#10396 bug ApiAnnotatons : AnnDcolon in wrong place for PatBind normal alanz
#10397 bug Compiler performance regression 7.6 -> 7.8 in elimCommonBlocks normal
#10399 bug ApiAnnotations tweaks normal alanz
#10402 bug powerpc: unhandled ELF relocation(RelA) type 252 normal simonmar
#10406 bug ghc-7.10.1-testsuite.tar.xz [4.3MB] contains x86_64 ghc-config executable! normal
#10422 bug reorder in nativeCodeGen too slow normal nomeata
#10425 bug User's guide PDF version: Example with wrong indentation in Section normal
#10430 bug openTempFileWithDefaultPermissions has the wrong location name on failure normal
#10446 bug Fix error message when variables in a static form are not in scope normal facundo.dominguez
#10449 bug Out-of-tree tests broken on MinGW + native Python due to quoting of config.compiler normal
#10452 task ApiAnnotations : rationalise tests normal alanz
#10468 bug debug test case fails on Windows normal scpmw
#10492 bug rpath & shared libraries in ghc 7.10.1 normal trommler
#10501 bug Exception in :cmd command can terminate GHCi normal watashi
#10518 bug unregisterised GHC generates incorrect 0xUL literals for certain onstants normal slyfox
#10525 bug Enable SMP and GHCI on aarch64 in 7.10.2 normal
#10530 bug Update transformers library normal
#10537 bug Parser: commas_tup_tail duplicate SrcSpan on "Missing" value normal alanz
#10551 bug dynwrapper points to wrong paths on Windows normal ezyang
#10556 feature request Add parsePattern entry point normal
#10565 bug GHC 7.10.2 RC: the impossible happened on hPDB-examples- normal bgamari
#10588 bug BangPat gets wrong SrcSpan. normal
#10575 bug "unsatisfied constraints" typo low ekmett

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