GHC plans for 7.10.3

GHC 7.10.3 will be released in early November 2015. We will do so if (but only if!) we have documented cases of "show-stoppers" in 7.10.2. Namely, cases from users where

  • You are unable to use 7.10.2 because of some bug
  • There is no reasonable workaround, so you are truly stuck
  • We know how to fix it
  • The fix is not too disruptive; i.e. does not risk introducing a raft of new bugs

So please tell us if your problem falls in to this category, saying a bit about why it is important to you, and why you can't work around it. It's worth attaching the details to the relevant ticket, add it to the manual list just below, and send a heads-up email to ghc-devs to draw attention to it.

Here's a list of the tickets that appear to fall into this show-stopping category:

Possible (not world ending, but probably not easy to workaround and breaks):

See milestone:7.10.3 and Active tickets for more.

Tickets slated for 7.10.3

Status: closed (60 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#7830 bug Error: operand out of range highest
#10489 bug Panic in TcEvidence due to wrong role highest
#10826 bug [Security] Safe Haskell can be bypassed via annotations highest kanetw
#11061 bug GHC 7.10.3 RC1: build broken on OS X highest
#3242 bug GHCi linker does not correctly locate static libraries under Windows high Phyx-
#9297 bug Packages linked against certain Windows .dll files give warnings at runtime high simonmar
#10375 bug arm: ghci hits an illegal instruction high
#10438 bug GHC 7.10.1 panic due to PartialTypeSignatures, TypeFamilies, and local bindings high
#10516 bug PolyKinds results in incorrect reporting of type synonym parameter count high
#10528 bug compile time performance regression with OverloadedStrings and Text high
#10549 bug floatExpr tick break<2> high bgamari
#10672 bug GHCi linker does not understand C++ exception tables on Windows high Phyx-
#10689 bug compiling singletons- as -O1 -fspec-constr fails as 'Template variable unbound in rewrite rule' high
#10747 bug Infix pattern synonyms fail to parse (regression) high mpickering
#10829 bug Simplification in the RHS of rules high
#10934 bug Iface type variable out of scope high
#10997 bug Pattern synonym causes Iface error. high
#11003 bug Suggested fix for incorrect directory permissions is wrong high
#11127 task Update cabal submodule to 1.22.5 high
#1407 feature request Add the ability to :set -l{foo} in .ghci files normal archblob
#6037 bug Compile-time crash with sources with non-representable unicode characters normal snoyberg
#8652 bug Cross-compiling broken for ARM/Linux target normal
#9238 bug Negative zero broken normal
#9861 bug ghc readme provides out of date git clone directions normal
#9878 bug Static pointers in GHCi cause panic normal Phyx-
#9907 bug "Unknown PEi386 section name `.text$printf'" error in GHCi on Windows normal Phyx-
#9970 feature request Export more types in GHC.RTS.Flags normal RyanGlScott
#10409 bug Binary compiled with ghc-7.10 amd64/linux to aarch64/linux cross compiler segfaults. normal erikd
#10435 bug catastrophic exception-handling disablement on Windows Server 2008 R2 normal simonmar
#10495 bug Poor error message for Coercible constraint unsatisfiability normal goldfire
#10498 bug "if ... then \case -> else ..." causes a "missing else clause" error normal
#10563 bug GHC 7.10.1 Win7 x86_64 crash when building reflex-dom-0.1.1 normal
#10568 bug Regression from 7.8.4, loading GLUT into GHCI fails on the Mac normal darchon
#10590 bug RTS failing with removeThreadFromDeQueue: not found message normal slyfox
#10596 bug Template Haskell : getQ and putQ doesn't work normal
#10660 bug .dyn_o isn't generated for .hsig files with -dynamic-too normal spinda
#10665 bug INLINE breaks rewrite rules when '-g' is used normal
#10667 bug '-g' option generates invalid assembly when '*/*' operator is used normal
#10668 bug Missing brackets in import hint with TypeOperators normal thomasw
#10700 bug include/stg/Prim.h isn't C++ compatible normal rasen
#10713 bug Type family not reducing over data family normal goldfire
#10715 bug Possible regression in Coercible a (X a) between 7.8 and 7.10 normal goldfire
#10745 bug Error in fusion when compiling Data.Yaml normal
#10772 bug Type operator variable in prefix notation fails normal
#10795 task Upgrade gcc in 7.10 normal
#10810 bug Data constructor operators mis-printed in Template Haskell normal
#10817 bug Looping default associated type family without UndecidableInstances normal
#10855 bug GHC rejects code that Haskell 2010 report accepts normal
#10870 bug PPC.Ppr: Shift by 32 bits is not allowed. normal
#10879 bug base is not included in the haddock index normal
#10882 bug Fix target triple for Arm normal
#10899 bug Polytype accepted in RHS of default associated type normal goldfire
#10904 bug C finalizer may be called on re-used memory normal
#10924 bug Template variable unbound in rewrite rule normal
#11055 bug GHC 7.8.4 crash on ARM while building Stack 0.1.7 normal
#11064 bug Call Arity has the trivial application case wrong normal nomeata
#11076 bug Demand information of foreign calls is wrong normal
#10390 bug Constraint order must match with RankNTypes low
#10413 task Incorrect offsets for array size indexing low fryguybob
#10476 bug Wrong ar during cross-compilation low thomie

Tickets marked merge with no milestone

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
No tickets found

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