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Show stoppers

This section lists show-stopper bugs in 7.8.3. A show-stopper is a bug that simply prevents you using the compiler at all. The main reason for making a new release is to kill off show-stoppers. Everything not in this section counts as "nice to have".

  • #9439: LLVM mangler mangles too vigorously. After 7.8.3 it was realized that the LLVM code generator's mangler mangled occurrences of tokens occurring within strings of user code. This very non-obvious miscompilation. While the tokens involved aren't likely to appear in user code, they do appear in the code generator itself. This will result in GHC builds bootstrapped with an affected compiler to produce incorrect binaries.

This bug poses a potentially significant inconvenience to users of architectures supported only by the LLVM code generator (e.g. ARM) as they will be unable to bootstrap 7.10 with a 7.8 release. The fix is implemented in 5895f2b8ffba72a8393e9f712461e6e5ed7ceced. A configure-time check to ensure an affected compiler isn't used as stage0 is implemented in bbd031134a571c1020945b2548e3fc4795b5047a. Both of these should be easily backported to the 7.8 branch.

  • #8819 and #8849: Arithmetic is broken in unregisterised compiler. A regression in the C code backend leads to the compiler producing incorrect code that fails almost all arithmetic tests (#8849) and others (#8819) in the test suite. Moreover, the resulting 7.8.3 cannot bootstrap itself. This is a significant inconvenience for users of architectures where only the unregisterised backend via C is supported, such as powerpc64 and s390.

Phabricator D173 has a patch that fixes both tickets. The patch applies cleanly (with an offset of a few lines).

  • #8960 & co: SpecConstr frequently explodes in the wild, causing the compiler to essentially loop forever.

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Tickets slated for 7.8.4

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Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#7068 bug Extensive Memory usage (regression) normal simonpj
#7143 bug ghc- -> ghc can't figure out LLVM version normal Fanael
#7898 bug SpecConstr explodes when compiling module BSP of frag-1.1.2 normal
#8819 bug 64bit Testsuite failures in unregisterised 7.8 RCs high
#8825 bug ghc can't determine gcc version on ru_RU locale normal
#8849 bug Unregisterised compiler: arithmetic failure high
#8852 bug 7.8.1 uses a lot of memory when compiling attoparsec programs using <|> normal
#8951 bug genSym uses atomic_inc but doesn't link arm_atomic_spin_lock normal
#8960 bug SpecConstr usage explodes beyond 4GB with GHC 7.8.1 rc 2 high
#8980 bug ghc-7.8.1 -O2 eats excessive amounts of RAM, highlighting-kate and pandoc-citeproc normal
#8988 bug Documentation build fails if GHCi is unavailable normal
#9006 bug GHC accepts import of private data constructor if it has the same name as the type normal
#9295 bug Deadlock in forkProcess normal
#9296 bug Acquire all_tasks_mutex in forkProcess normal
#9303 bug O2: (GHC version 7.8.3 for x86_64-unknown-linux): allocateRegsAndSpill: Cannot read from uninitialized register %vI_s1Mp highest simonmar
#9316 bug GHC 7.8.3 no longer infers correct type in presence of type families and constraints normal
#9329 bug GHC panics when Cmm-compiling `STK_CHK_GEN_N (8);` normal simonmar
#9336 bug binutils gold linker detection does not work when called via gcc and selected by commandline parameters normal
#9345 bug Data.List.inits is extremely slow high ekmett
#9371 bug Overlapping type families, segafult normal goldfire
#9379 bug Blocked STM transaction is not interruptible normal simonmar
#9390 bug Inlining prevents evaluation of ignored parts of unboxed tuples normal
#9415 bug Superclass cycle with ambiguous type causes loop normal goldfire
#9417 bug Pattern synonyms across modules broken in Haddock normal cactus
#9433 bug Partially applied type family allowed but unusable normal
#9435 bug x86 sse4.2 popCnt16# needs to zero-extend its result normal
#9439 bug LlvmCodegen: Overzealous mangler incorrectly transforms user code highest
#9523 bug Typo in GHC Generics documentation normal
#9552 bug powerpc64 little endian: dll-split: Reachable modules from DynFlags out of date normal
#9563 bug Support for deriving Generic1 for data families high dreixel
#9575 bug -XAutoDeriveTypeable fails to generate instances high dreixel
#9620 bug libffi.a is put in the wrong folder normal
#9658 bug Prettyprint constraints in type signatures can omit necessary parentheses low
#9705 bug Panic on a pattern synonym in a class normal cactus
#9817 bug signal handlers in unix are passed garbage when using the signle threaded rts normal simonmar
#9860 bug Package flags not command line completable in 7.8 normal kolmodin

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