This page describe implementation plan for ticket #8109 (Type family patterns should support as-patterns.)

The idea is to introduce support for as-pattens in type families that may make it easier to write complex rules. Examples:

Code examples

type family Last u where
   Last [x] = x
   Last (x ': xs@(_ : _)) = Last xs

Similar example (taken from #8109):

instance SingI n => C '[n] where
    type T '[n] = Integer
    val _ = fromNat (P :: P n)

instance (SingI n, C ns) => C (n ': ns@(_ ': _)) where
    type T (n ': ns) = (Integer, T ns)
    val _ = (fromNat (P :: P n), val (P :: P ns))

Another example taked from #9608:

type family XOut m1 m2 where
    XOut a@(ValueS vbase vs) (MonadCtx2Dummy' m2 s2 env set m s) = MonadCtx2Dummy' m2 s2 (XEnv env a) (XSet set a) m (XSafety s a)


This proposal targets adding syntactic sugar that allow to write expressions contain type synonims in a natural way, like patterns.

Implementation plan

  1. Add nodes into AST Tree to support as-patterns:
   | HsAsPat (Located name) (LHSType name)
  1. Add support in typechecker
  1. Test that changes doesn't break existing test suite. (Push to Phabricator for first review)
  1. Add type familes as-patterns support to parser
  1. Add tests.

Implementation progress

Currently implementor is reading documentation and adding information to the implementation plan.

Pending questions

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