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     1= Welcome to the GHC Developer Wiki
     3This is the home for GHC developers. If you're only interested in using GHC,
     4then you probably want ​the [[|GHC home page]]. If you are an aspiring GHC developer,
     5and just want to get started, read the [[Newcomers|Newcomers page]] (which is always in the
     6sidebar under "Joining in").
     8== Please help improve the GHC developer's wiki
     10Please help us improve the information on the GHC developer's wiki. You can easily do this by editing the wiki directly. Just [[|register]] an account, and then edit away. Alternatively, [[|log in]] as user **guest** with password **guest** (but we'd prefer you to create an account, because it enables us to contact you if necessary). The [[|Help/Guide]] link at the top of every page gives a good description of the markup language and how to use Trac in general.
     12== Status updates
     14 * Forthcoming planned releases:
     15     * 8.0.1 (5 open tickets with priority high or highest)
     17 * Total open tickets: 1766 (1028 bugs, 566 feature requests, 172 tasks)
     19 * The May 2015 Status Report.
     21 * [[|​Harbormaster]], the [[|​nightly build bots]] and Travis are keeping an eye on our code. See the [[Status|Status page]] for more information.
     23== Notices
     25 * Volunteer your machine as a [[Builder|GHC builder]]. This will help us find and fix issues with GHC on your platform.
     27 * [[Internships]] at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, working on Haskell and GHC.
     29== Developer Documentation
     31 * [[Building|Building and Porting GHC]]
     33 * [[WorkingConventions|Working on GHC ]]
     35 * [[Commentary|The GHC Commentary]]
     36   Documentation on the design, architecture, and implementation of GHC itself, with references to the actual source code.
     38 * [[Debugging|Debugging GHC]]
     39   All aspects of debugging, testing, and benchmarking GHC.