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Welcome to the GHC Developer Wiki

This is the home for GHC developers. If you're only interested in using GHC, then you probably want ​the GHC home page. If you are an aspiring GHC developer, and just want to get started, read the Newcomers page (which is always in the sidebar under "Joining in").

Please help improve the GHC developer's wiki

Please help us improve the information on the GHC developer's wiki. You can easily do this by editing the wiki directly. Just register an account, and then edit away. Alternatively, log in as user guest with password guest (but we'd prefer you to create an account, because it enables us to contact you if necessary). The Help/Guide link at the top of every page gives a good description of the markup language and how to use Trac in general.

Status updates

Developer Documentation

  • The GHC Commentary Documentation on the design, architecture, and implementation of GHC itself, with references to the actual source code.
  • Debugging GHC All aspects of debugging, testing, and benchmarking GHC.